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International R&D Connections

Friday 14th October in Orléans
The International R&D Connections  day is organized within the framework of the Cosmetic 360 Week, in order to promote the Cosmetosciences program and to highlight the actors of this network for the cosmetic sector.
This program aims to develop research in cosmetics and to establish collaborations with other national and international academic research networks in order to develop innovation.

This day will focus on 3 highlights:

- BtoB meetings: Exchanges with experts to develop your project 

- Networking moments: This day will allow to meet international researchers and industrial in order to exchange on the topics of Research & Innovation in cosmetics.

- Visit of a research laboratory: It's the opportunity to visit two research laboratory : 

The Center for Molecular Biophysics, CNRS - Orleans 

The Center for Molecular Biophysics (CBM) develops research at the interface of chemistry, biology and physics to study the molecular mechanisms that sustain life or dysfunctions leading to diseases.


The Institute of Organic and Analytical Chemistry - ICOA UMR 7311

The different topics developed at the Institute of Organic and Analytical Chemistry (ICOA) are directed towards the design, synthesis and analysis of small molecules likely to have biological activities.

See below the list of participants and exchange with them on 14th of October during the BtoB meetings. (more information to come)
The scheduling for BtoB meeting (30 min), will be open  at the beginning of October.

Program of the day :
From 8 : 30   Schuttle bus from Paris to Orléans (1h30)
10:00 Introduction of the International R&D Connections
10:30 : Présentations by projects holder
11:30 : BtoB meeting with researchers from COSMETOSCIENCES Program
12 :30 Lunch networking
14:30 Visit to research laboratories in Orléans :
The Center for Molecular Biophysics, CNRS - Orléans and The Institute of Organic and Analytical Chemistry - ICOA UMR 7311
17h : Return to Paris from Orléans

Contact : Fanélie SAUVAGERE fsauvagere@cosmetic-valley.com

Participants already registered

Name Structure Project Sought expertise Skills Country
Christophe MASSON Cosmetic Valley
Amandine GOUBERT Cosmetic Valley
Fanélie SAUVAGERE Cosmetic Valley
Miguel TOVAR NUEZ BELCORP Immedate effects in Skincare Immediate effects formulations Material evaluation Immediate effects testing. Skincare Fragrance Makeup CHE
Pierre-Eric CAMPOS UNIVERSITE D'ORLEANS extraction, analysis, purification and characterization of natural molecules from different matrices, mainly plants and marine organisms FRA
Frédéric LAMBLIN UNIVERSITÉ D'ORLÉANS, LABORATOIRE DE BIOLOGIE DES LIGNEUX ET DES GRANDES CULTURES Sourcing biotechnologique : développement de procédés de cultures in vitro (multiplication de plantes, cultures racinaires), procédés de culture hors sol (hydroponie, aéroponie) Collecte et lyophilisation d'exsudats racinaires Génie génétique : transgénèse FRA
Emilie DESTANDAU UNIVERSITE D'ORLEANS Plant extraction- Natural compound identification, Analytical chemistry FRA
Cama KEITA CM COSMETICS Création d'une marque de cosmétique bio et vegan pour la peau noir. Formulation Innovation Design packaging Marketing Commerciales FRA
Lavinia BALAN CNRS CEMHTI photochemistry, bio-based polymers, photo(nano)materials, quantum dots, filter UV, VIS, IR, packaging, ... FRA
Patrick BARIL CENTRE DE BIOPHYSIQUE MOLÉCULAIRE CNRS - UNIVERSITÉ D'ORLÉANS Plant extracts Library screening, Short and long non coding RNA, skin tissue remodeling, NGS and bioinformatic, mechanistic studies FRA
Claudia BETANCUR BIOINTROPIC I run a bio business consultancy (Biointropic). We have a portfolio of cosmetic ingredients from Colombian biodiversity. We are interested in showing some natural ingredients from our biodiversity for cosmetics, in order to connect our companies with other companies in the world and generate business and projects We article, connect and promote projects related to bio businesses from the colombian biodiversity COL
David DA SILVA INSTITUT DE CHIMIE ORGANIQUE ET ANALYTIQUE Phytochemical analysis, Mass spectrometry and In-vitro activity screening FRA
Rouba NASREDDINE UNIVERSITE D'ORLEANS Development of analytical methods for the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile molecules by gas chromatography and large molecules by capillary electrophoresis FRA
Catherine GRILLON CENTER FOR MOLECULAR BIOPHYSICS - CNRS skin biology, oxygen, oxidative stress, extracellular matrix, in cellulo activity screening FRA
Djazia NAOUIRI ELDJAZAIR BEAUTY SALON INTERNATIONAL DE LA BEAUTE ,DES COSMETIQUES ET DU BIEN-ETRE des conférenciers et speakers en relation avec l'industrie de la cosmétologie et la beauté Marketing évenementiel , organisation des évenements DZA
Judy WU CLOUD BEAUTY INNOVATION HUB EcoCa+ is a new sustainable material by exacting of calcium and protein from agriculture by-products. Meanwhile, this addictive is used as a replacement if plastic in packaging application. Looking for product test & certification to meet int'l / European standard. Also we are looking for manufacturer partners for localize the production and supply to the European market. Marketing & Material Development. TWN
Sami HALILA CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE The project relies on the development of eco-friendly syntheses of carbohydrate-based oleogelators for texturing/gelifying oily phases for cosmetic applications Formulator of cosmetic products, toxicity studies, producers of functional ingredients Carbohydrate chemist and physico-chemical studies of self-assembly and characterization of supramolecular oleogels FRA

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